Considering a new website? 5 crucial conversations to have BEFORE you hire a web designer.

Responsive web design on mobile devices phone, laptop and tablet pc

Are you considering a new website? Congratulations! We hope we can save you some time, money, and headache—here are 5 questions to ask a web designer BEFORE you decide to hire them. Conversation #1: Can I see examples of your work? You want to make sure the person or agency has experience. But asking if […]

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7 Tips for Video Shoot Day

video shoot

Investing in video? Congratulations! High-quality video can add so much to your website, social media presence, or online training. But video is also a big investment. Here are some tips to help you be shoot-ready: Have apple juice on standby. Most people think water, and that’s great to have too—but when you’re talking a lot on […]

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Canva is Candy for the Creative

Canva Screen Shot

Why I use Canva for creating social media posts, business holiday cards, event posters, and more (…even my personal wedding invitations). I love Canva. When people ask me about our social media posts, or the holiday cards we sent out last year, I can’t help but smile. Then, I ask “Have you ever used Canva?” […]

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Leading with the Benefits: Why the “P” in Presentation Prep Should be for PERSPECTIVE

sarah glova speaking

Reify Media delivered an informal presentation about LinkedIn earlier this year at a local engineering consulting firm, Porticos. If, just a few short years ago, you had asked me to facilitate a discussion about LinkedIn, I would have presented slide after PowerPoint slide of well-researched LinkedIn data. Luckily, for the Porticos engineers especially, that’s no longer my presentation style.

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Read the Room: Part 3 of 3

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This is part 3 of a 3 part series about reading the room to improve your presentation skills. If you missed part 1 or 2, they are available here Part 1: Before Your Presentation and Part 2: During Your Presentation. PART 3: After Your Presentation You made it through your presentation and it felt good. […]

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